Logo Festival X 2019 - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Music Festival

Whatslively is as hyped as we are about this Summer!

October 28, 2019

For those that are unaware, Whatslively is a movement aiming to get Australians out to more live music #legends.

They have created a live music tracker app boasting three powerful yet simple features that break down the biggest obstacles preventing people from experiencing more live music.

1. Scans the music you listen to and provides personalised concert alerts.

2. Shows you all gigs happening in your city

3. An exclusive invite feature helping you to organize concerts with friends

They did a little scan on their users and found out which artists are currently the hottest on the Festival X lineup right now!

Check out their verdict ​HERE to help you decide which acts you definitely need to see this Summer.

What this video to see how the new version of the app works: