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6 tips to having the best festival X day

November 29, 2019

Summer music festival season in Australia! It’s a time where the spirit of celebration is in the air. The sun’s rays have just started to peek out from behind the clouds, ending the dreary cold of Winter and fresh breeze of Spring. It’s a time where drinks are free flowing, offices start to wind down for another year and holiday celebrations are on the minds of many. To top it all off, it’s the time of the year that international artists fly down to our sun-soaked land, and enjoy with us days of music, good vibes and a whole lot of partying.

On the eve of the very first Festival X event in Australia, here are 6 tips to having the best festival day and ensure the safety of you and your friends. 


The drinks are out, you and your mates are having a few and one of them calls an Uber to take you to the festival. You’re ready for the day. Before you leave, plan ahead. Bring a jacket for when the sun goes down and the air gets a bit chilly. Set your alcohol limit and stick to it. Make sure your phone is fully charged. Change into the comfy shoes.  Preparing your day in advance is the best way to ensure you have the best time at the festival.


Partying is always better with good mates. To ensure you feel comfortable and you’re having the most fun on the day, have mates around you that will look out for you, just as you would look out for them. Party with friends who encourage you to stick to your limits and do not put you in any position where you feel pressured to do anything that you are not comfortable doing. 


To make sure you’re having the best day, look after yourself. If you’re feeling unsure or unwell, please seek help from one of the Crowd Care (Brisbane and Melbourne) and DanceWize (Sydney) team members that will be roaming the festival in the purple shirts, or head to the First Aid tent. The entire team at Festival X is here to make sure you have a safe and happy day.


Ensure that you plan a safe way to get home from the festival. Trains will be running to and from the festival and ride-share travel and cabs will be available around the event. Do not drink and drive. Enjoy your day, have some drinks and plan your way home. 

For all travel information, please visit the Festival X app. 


A big day partying in the sun is going to take it out of you. Make some time between acts to have a rest and get some food. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking half a litre of water per hour while dancing, and about half that when resting. There’s free water at the bars, free water stations and Crowd Care (Brisbane and Melbourne) and DanceWize (Sydney).

If you’re not feeling well then keep an eye out for our Crowd Care teams. They will be giving out free water, sunscreen and earplugs and have a dedicated Crowd Care Chill Zone which is located in the tunnel (on Oval 2 next to markets and food stalls).

The best way to ensure you have a great day is to relax and enjoy all that Festival X has to offer. For more information, download the Festival X app or visit the Festival X website. Our friends at Crowd Care (Brisbane and Melbourne) and DanceWize (Sydney) have also prepared a quiz to have fun and stay safe on event day. Check it out here: http://fstvlx.co/DanceWize

Festival X is a drug free festival and condemns all illegal drug use. Make sure your Festival X experience a positive one by looking after yourself and friends.